Ok.. just a swift note. I know I’ve neglected this badly over the last few weeks, but there’s been other things to do.

I’ve moved again. but this time, its been done properly! Not a few miles, and not an unplanned, or planned and then scuppered, venture.. but something that had been discussed, and then executed!

Moved. To Holland!

And then I moved again! With Esther. From Esther’s old place, to our new one.

Which was nice!

Actually, moving was fun, in an…i’ve 39 bruises and counting on just my legs… kinda way. Moving a washing machine up 64 stairs, was entertaining. Having moved, and helped move others, countless times, it was useful to see accrued knowledge kick in, and things like huge concrete chunks from washers being removed before assaulting the afore mentioned stairs, made things easier than they could’ve been.

So… we’re in. And working on turning house into home. So far, so good.

Onwards and upwards

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