Gone Dutch

Ok… Update time.

First, and most important.. seems I’m moving to Holland! As of yet, I’d said nothing on here, due to a combination of not knowing if and when this might come about, plus hugely limited net access! Esther has sorted housing issues, far quicker than I expected, which is good, so it appears i can now go across there mid May!! A new house is waiting, and a new life beginning. I’m still not as yet sure if she knows what she’s letting herself in for! lol. All i do know, is that a new chapter is beginning for both of us… tis up to us now to make it a good one.

So… this means i need to sort my stuff somehow. Deb claims my things at hers are, and have been for months, outside and are like as not ruined! All my footy shirts, videos etc, gone, so less to shift. However, seems my comics are all sound, and getable! My books, in Crewe at Hamishes, i dont know about, having gone up there but not managing to get any contact with him. Shipping of such things may prove interesting.. but we’ll see, maybe i can fill a suitcase and sling it on the coach?

This also means, its goodbye Uk. Now I’ve done this before, and its, I believe the expression is, Gone Tits Up, but this time, this will be a joint thing, with no outside party involved. Just me, and E, and the decisions have been taken completely between the two of us. My going to Oz the second time was mangled from start to finish, taken out of my hands all ways round, and was farcical. Whereas, whats happening here, is cool calm and calculated. *Note to self.. she does know what she’s doing after all lol* In light of this, I bobbed to Crewe to see about my comics and books, and also took the chance to take 3 pics of Dads grave, which i will publish here for those who pass through who might be interested.

So… am i certain this is the right thing to do? Everything has possible pitfalls. I know that. I’ve been there, and the tee shirt either didn’t fit, did but got left behind, or was in the wash when i was told to pack! However.. I dont see why i should allow past to dictate present, or future. I know i can be awkward, i know that i have a tendency to decide some things just are not worth the effort, and i walk away, but i also know that, once i set my mind on something.. and establish that its doable.. then it becomes just that! Doable. So that means, assuming nothing outside messes this up, that once there, it will be our Shared responsibility to keep it like that! Turn Doable.. into Done. Am i a MexiCan.. or a MexiCant. (gotta love that film ) The answer is, I’m neither. I’m me. Tis me who she’s asked to come stay and so, with all of that in mind do I think its the right thing?

I do!


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