Ok A swift update.. switching my time between Wolves and Telford… No net access, hugely broke until mid April, trying to sort out a room in Wolves. Am pretty much in contact with no-one, so dont take offence if you’ve not heard from me. No credit on phone so no msn via there either.

Birthday was as dead as ever. Suited me fine.

Tired of having to wait/fight for everything, but im a stubborn sod, and can outfight/out wait almost anything. Everyone knows that time is relative.. and if you knew most of my family you’d understand why time seems to be intent on making things difficult for me.. lol

Big Shout to Esther, Les, and Ju.. who are kinda having to put up with me thru this.. n well done to Sis for making things out in Sweden work!

Am in a cyber cafe.. times up.. I’m outta here…

Whats good looking and hangs up?

Ok so that works better on a phone!


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