Memory Chips and Cheesy Peas

Ok.. lol.. sounds stupid.. but i’m chuffed as mintballs! I’ve bought something from ebay! Finally. Myself! Me. My card, my info, my choice, my bid, and my payment! So what.. its a £4 item.. lol.. it wont be life changing… but it is something again which makes me.. well… it makes me more self sufficient. Now if I had a pc of my own, to do it from.. it would of course be better, but.. one small step for me, one giant leap away for mankind,(its scared! i dont blame it!!), as i advance ever forward, like the tide coming in, soon the rocks will become pebbles as my insistency smooths over that which would bar my way!

Its funny how little things please me. I remember years ago, having the scariest collection of dodgy day glow toweling socks known to man! I mean.. seriously… bright green.. orange.. yellow.. etc. They looked a little like, if you mixed them up, slung em on the floor, and poured carrots on them, you’d think.. "God last night musta been good.. i dont remember going out.. let alone eating, coming home, and being ill!", but, they pleased me. Its like these daft trainers.. with the lello bar (apologies to Glenda.. tell him i’m dyslexic, or maybe just going through a bad spell)… they’re not much to look at.. but they ARE comfy as hell, and do have the afore mentioned bar of the.. oh ok.. yellow persuasion.

Anyway… I’m happy bout it! I will have a gig in my phone.. to store zillions of tunes, which help me breath more easilly. Might sling the whole pink floyd and marillion albums on! I have a bad feeling i might end up hoarding photos. which will mean.. creating folders. that.. might prove interesting. I’ve never really investigated all the phones functions, which in turn means it’ll probably die on me! lol

So.. besides that.. whats new? Am waiting on info about a room in Wolves.. waited a week now and not amused. Other things have been put on hold, although flu has also played its part there. A simple yes or no would’ve been nice, or at least, some contact! Instead, deathly silence! Not amused at all. The opportunity for work, etc, is available still part time in wolves, but is impractical if i am still in Telf, as it’ll cost 2 hours pay to get there and back! It’s.. doable.. if needs be, and may in fact need to be if i get messed about for having been ill, but, we’ll see about that tomorrow. I will survive. Somehow. There are steps to be taken, soon, which i think may well alter the path i’m on. Who knows? Possiblities are endless. Again at the moment, its out of my hands. If i wanted to just up and leave, I cant.

I’m tired again. Doesn’t help that at the mo i look a mess. Quick shave and change will sort that, then bouncy me returns, and i face whatever’s thrown at me. I snapped a little a couple of days back, at someone who has their own issues to deal with. Everything is relative I guess, our own worlds rights and wrongs. People cannot be expected to understand things when they have no point of reference to work from. Some worlds are darker than others. I wonder if this makes the lights seem brighter? I dont know. I know that it does alter our perspectives so that, what some see as darkness, others see as just a nasty bit of grey. Neither is wrong, neither is right. Perspective. I told someone about a chap losing it and trying to top himself, cos his ex wont get back with him. There’s a state of mind which makes mine seem positively rosy!

In fairness, I’m tired yes.. but i’m still in the sort of spirits which makes me daft at times to be around. The trundle today back to telf will be no doubt thrilling. I cant seem to get into the Toyminator… Mr Rankin hasn’t grabbed me yet, but then, other things have been floating around.I will bury myself in it at some point. My brain isn’t ready for Eddy the Teddy yet… lol, unless perchance Eddy is the name of a nice satin type Teddy, an which case… hang on no.. thats a different sort of teddy, altogether different! I’ve seen a Ready for Beddy Teddy, but that was a while ago, and was made of balloons!

I’ve wandered! lol


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