Hello Dave? lol

Well.. so far this year I’ve been on a plane, 3 ferry’s, several coaches, and passed into 4 countries! I suppose thats not 3 bad for a guy who’s officially without an abode.

I’m feeling kinda weird. I plodded through wolves this morning and felt revitalised, yet i’d been traveling from 6.30pm uk time the day before. I hit sunny Wellington, and duely slipped over in an ass load of mud, with a big bag on my back, went splat!! but got back up again and continued along humming Papa Roach and smirking a little at the worlds attempt to dampen my spirits!

Something is brewing. I dont know what yet.. but it is. Hopefulness is outdoing my cynacism, which in its self is odd!

Holland went well, again. What next? We’ll see, to coin a phrase.. lol. I wont get sucked into the Telford way of not loking forward! Thats not me. Tis funny, sat in a pub over there watching Scotland put up a poor show against the old enemy, with people chatting and passing comments, Esther taking it all in, and seeing me reasonably at ease so far from "home". Where-ever i lay my hat… springs to mind. She can see me out of the Uk context, where everyday life seems orientated on pushing people down, and instead get a free me, with no ties, no concerns etc. Its been a long time since i’ve been able to do that in the Uk. Probably back to 2001!

Maybe thats it. May be I feel envigorated because of the release i’ve had, i dont know. Maybe its been the company.. someone whos accepted me for me, not what i could be, what they think i should be, or what i was and will be, but for me in the now. The present. Sometimes i think even i forgt the now. Then i find myself telling people about their versions of their Now, and using the line, today is a gift, thats why its called the Present.

Seems like I needed to remind myself of that too. I wonder, if i embibed it, while sharing me with E? And if so… well… maybe there’s something to the expression Dutch Courage after all? All I know is, I feel good.

Which is nice!


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