Freedom of Speech

Its an odd world we live in. Full of strange interlinked happenings.

I went to
Holland over xmas and new year to visit a long time friend who has
always been special to me, who i met via a web chat known as VIP
(Virtual Irish Pub). It was time for us to spend some time together, we
were both in a place in our own worlds which made it the right thing to
do. I digress.

handle/username in there has been Mad Scotsman for over 10 years now,
and as them, i have made irreverent
comments, written all posts in verse on certain visits, chipped in my
opinion ion current affairs, and generally chatted as people do in
these places, albeit perhaps i’m a touch more abstract than others.

After returning
from Holland, and logging back in, I felt odd. Time for a change, i
decided that it was time for Mad Scotsman to retire, and change my
regular name to Alistair. I’m not the same person who started chatting
10 years ago, and the name change was to reflect this.

A week after
thos name change.. i suddenly find myself unable to post on the site.
An admin, a girl with a bee in her bonnet and some sort of inferiority
complex which she seems to need to compensate for, has taken it upon
herself to remove my ability to post, because she didnt like my
opinions about the sites security of private messages. No rules were
broken, no violation of terms and conditions etc.. just one girl
deciding that certain people are not allowed an opinion, especially if
it happens to not coincide with her own.

Anyone who
knows me.. knows my thoughts on censorship.. gods.. i’ve turned down
admin job on mopilot often enough. If you have an ignore feature..
people can use it. There is no need for admin to boot ban people for
post content anyway! This has been a classic case for why admin should
not be allowed these tools, or rather, the tools they have should be
used only for people spamming/grooming kids/racist remarks, not for
censoring people when there is a perfectly good tool available to users
to pick and choose what they see themselves.

And so I’m
reminded, how i felt when i came back and re-accessed the site, and how
i felt compelled to change my name. I’m thinking maybe now.. with this
issue, which really gets at my principals regarding both freedom of
speach, and allowing others to be able to dictate to a multinational
chat whos opinions and thoughts are “allowed”, not to mention this
example of abuse of tools purportedly there to protext chatters, that
perhaps Mad Scotsman is still an aspect of me, and its the chat site
its self I need to let go, and many of the people there who have
allowed this to come about, or have sat back and said nothing while
being aware of these things happening.

Chat sites, in
my view, are like little microcosms, reflecting the world around us.I
look out at the world today, i see the patriot act in the USA, I see
the world stand by and allow the invasion of Iraq, and i look at how
these things come about and what their consequences are, and then i
look at a simple issue like this, and see how it is so easy, for one
person, or a small group, to dictate to others how they are allowed to
be, what freedoms they are allowed.. and somehow.. actually convince
them that this is a GOOD thing.

I am reminded of the Milgram experiment..
where people in a position of authority told others to gradually
increase an electrical charge dispensed to a hidden person, dependant
upon answers given to questions. The person answeriong the questions
was in fact an actor, hidden from view, and each wrong answer required
the subject selected to administer a shock, increasing in voltage as
more questions were answered incorrectly. The shocks were never
dispensed, but recorded screams and yells were played so that the
subject controling the shocks thought they were hurting the other. When
they reached a point where they thought it was time they questioned
what was happening, and would the other person be ok.. they were told
simply they muxt continue.

The results
were stunning. approx 66% of people would continue and administer fatal
shocks, just because they were being told too, irrespective of their
own feelings.

This example,
though differing in its layout, is a classic example of how easilly
people are influenced, and will just do as they’re told.

I dont know if
i would’ve continued to keep administering shocks.. i doubt it… and
thats maybe the difference between me, and many in vip. Chat is also
addictive, to those who have that kind of susceptable personality, and
therefore anything which might threaten an ability to use it, could
psychologically tramatize indiviuals who maybe might actually want to
approach this issue of  censorship, but for fear of what might happen,

Whatever the
cause, it’s apparent to me that people who i’ve known for years, still
wont speak out. So, to them i say Good-Bye.What makes me who I
am,.Alistair, Mad Scotsoman. or AliWiseman, are my
values, my principals, and my sense of whats right for me. I wont
compromise this, and as such, I find it hard to believe I will chat in
VIP again

However.. for old times sake.. i’m permitting myself.. an..AARDVARK!! lmfao!

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