The Word according to Wiseman

In the beginning was the Fiction

And the Fiction was the Word

And the Word Extinguished God

And the Word became God

Then its gets complicated

For “God” so loved the world that he created religions

So that who so-ever believeth in them would not die

(‘Cept perhaps in a race or cultural war concerning borders and holy territorial rights)

But have eternal life

Subject to a few conditions

Thou shalt not kill

(‘Cept when religious genocide is obviously a necessity to subvert a conflicting belief system and gain their land)

Thou shalt not covert thy neighbours ox

(‘Cept when the ox is a metaphor for land, in which case, see previous)

You get the idea

And so it came to pass that the masses were controlled

By the Priests of the temples

The Rabbi’s and the Ayatollahs

Brainwashed by rules designed to install obedience

Believe, or Burn!

Obey! Follow!

A new commandment they gave unto you

Do as we say and not as we do

And so it continues

Indoctrinating children to the way of “the Lord”

Ingraining into their consciousness versions of what’s good, what’s right

Which in turn makes all other aspects of this same “God” wrong

Hatred and intolerance are born

Gods only begotten son

Brought into existence on a diet of ignorance

Fruit from the tree of so called knowledge

Passed down from generation to generation

Becoming gospel

Irrefutable Unimpungable

And the ruination of mankind beckons.

In the beginning was a Fiction

And the Fiction assimilated God

And the Fiction will remain God

Unless we change it!

Humanity’s last stand

Wielding the apocalyptic sword of Common Sense

We Slay the many headed dragon named Religion

Remake God with No image.

Create a society based on acceptance.

And abolish those beliefs that trespass against our freedom

For ours is the kingdom.

So rewrite the story.  

For ever, and ever


So let it be written

So let it be done

By A. Wiseman 05/03/05.. just rediscovered 


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