Back in sunny Telford

Well.. the flight back was grimmer than grim death on a grim day! I was scared for the first time on a plane, Piolto seemed to think that he was some form of Air rally champion and was more than a little erratic! I’m doubting even Hamish goes up and down quite that much with his passion for the larger lady!

Coming back was as odd as i thought it would be. Its a New Year and i know that there are going to be changes afoot, but I’d like to be the one instigating them, or at least being a part of it, rather than things happening to me. I see possibilities in front of me. Opportunities. Chances at things which I would like to grip with both hands. Unfortunately theres not massive amounts I can do to aid my situation, cept save and wait and see, both of which don’t come easy to me! But.. with patience, and perseverance, especially after the farce of getting to Holland, anything can happen.

However.. since being back, its true to say i’ve had a chance to enjoy myself. A stupid trojan infection has attacked Lesley’s pc.. which in turn showed me that there were, not one, not 2, but 15 separate viruses nicely embedded within the system. 5 were easy, and presented no problem, 9 more were a might more difficult, and took a good while and a decent amount of investigation to kill, along with a couple of products i’d never encountered. One is left, or at least, i think it is, but being explorer based, for the moment I’ve slung Firefox on, and am checking to see if what i’ve killed has really gone.

So.. watched the Arsenal game last night… which was nice…lol 3-6 and was best game i’ve seen in a long time. Twas a long way from small boys in the park, jumpers for goalposts etc etc heh heh

And now back to my virus killing..

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