Off to Hamster-spam! Tis a strange place indeed compared to what im used to.. lol. Electrical shops which dont sell microwaves, (dixons no less) and various other curiousities. And .. the roads.. the cyclists appear to have a similar attitude to what dad used to have.. and yet.. they dont get sworn at by the holier than thou motorists! I’m not sure if i like being the norm lol!

Picked up a purple dvd with a version of child in time on it which i didnt know! I can almost hear the gasps of disbelief lol. I also, keep forgeting to take my phone with me to places. Not sure exactly what that means .. but tis highly unusual. My phone is my lifeline. Hmmm!

Going home will be strange. Its been comfy here. Safe. I’ve felt at ease. Yet i know im going back to something rather different. Telford and its attitudes. But.. its a new year.. and i have things to look forward to, goals to attain, and similar. I still feel im on the edge of something. Im guessing the next few steps will take courage. But hey, i can live with that.

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