Best laid plans

Well… in their wisdom the mighty Thomsonfly people have cancelled my return flight, so i have been left with no alternative but to make other arrangements to get back to the sunny uk. Travesty! lol! So.. i will now land back on monday instead of thursday, so i get another weekend here, which is nice! Needless to say im not flying back with them though, and am flying into birmingham instead!

All here is good though, give or take the indian i got last night which has wrecked havoc on my poor insides and scared Esther halfway across Holland! Frist time i’ve found a proper hot indian outside of the uk, and i was suitably nervous as the last time i bought indian elsewhere it was in Oz and i binned it without touching it! lol

A surprising turn up for the books is the reappearence of an old face. Blyss. Seems lots has happened in her world. Its been 5 years!

Lots of curiousities here.. and many paralells with sweden and hardly any with the uk.. most odd. Actually pleased i went to sweden first or i would’ve felt quite out of my depth. Su was correct with the, you might find the food a problem.. lol.. but then i manage to find food a problem in the Uk let alone abroad! Seems similar to sweden only special licenced places, ie not supermarkets, can sell products like whisky… mutters… so i may be missing something for new year. Such is life… theres chablis (far cheaper than in the uk too!) to make up for it. Fireworks constantly going off which is odd. lol. One pub type pub in whats a reasonable sized city… well thats the only one i’ve found anyway.. so tis most definately different.

All is good though. Be nicer if my bank actually would tell me what money i have left.. but hey.. it all adds to the excitement of the unknown lol

Right.. until next time…

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