Festive Fun Filled Foggy Frivolity!

Well.. where do I start! Nothing is ever simple i guess. My fight from Coventry was cancelled! All the other flights were diverted to east mids, or to brum.. but me, oh no, there was never the chance that it might happen that easy for me! Mine was the only one which cancelled! OK.. not a catastrophy.. the money will be refunded back into the card holders account in the next 48 hours. One problem…i used my friends card as at that time my card hadnt come through, and now that said friend is in portugal! Happy happy joy joy! Scuttered! Disconsolate, i head back to wolves.. not impressed. This was one thing which i thought no one could take away from me. I’d done all of this myself, sorted the flights, made sure i had funds available to survive over there, bought tickets etc etc..and so, if anything went wrong..it could only possibly be my fault! And then…. Fog! An act of God no less! But which God? And what would a God be doing hanging around an airport… hang on no.. thats been done by Douglas Adams a while ago.. but you get the idea.

So…i land at Ju’s with a plan forming.. which was.. have a wee shufti at coaches..i’d already checked to see that they ran cos the idea of heading holland was in my mind for some time, so i just needed to find out what time they ran! The time was 7.50pm… and i found there was one which went at 02.00am that night! Class…. ! Ring em Wiseman! The lines close at 8pm.. Automated voice thingy dohicky! Grrrr…! However..i eventually get through to a person.. who tells me that that coach is booked up, until he rechecks, and finds that there are seats afterall! So… then all i need is the way to pay.. another 45 squid on top of what i’d already shelled out for the flights! Grrr… I knew i had money coming into my account anyway… but not til tomorrow.. and all else was failing. So.. try it anyway.. and as luck would have it the funds had cleared early… and i was sorted and ready to go. So… of i went…. passing through Dover… Calais, Antwerp and finaly arriving in Hamsterspam approx 24 hours late, tired, hungry, and still in curiously good spirits!

So… all is well… I am here, things are good, and have had more than a little chuckle, including a surprise dvd which Esther owns of an old Rowan Atkinson stand up which i’d not heard for years! Add to that a fortuitous trip to an irish bar which just happened to have the Arsenal game on…. the 6-2 one… smirks…and all was right with the world. Weather is manchesteresk..the tv is suspect (Green Mile?? hmmm lol) but its nice to be able to relax with someone i’ve known for years with such a sense of, i dunno, being comfortable with each others company!

So… ho ho humbug to one and all… will update as and when… and i guess tis only right i should leave with a parting…



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