254 votes

Lol… Wandered onto Amazon.. 254 helpful votes! Typical.. Funny how certain numbers follow you around! Incedentally.. if you wish to alter that.. the url for my book reviews is HERE and any more votes.. wil be gladly received!
Hmm.. A quick shout to Steve and Emma.. thanks for your help… your both stars, even if one of you is prone to snoozing in the bathroom. Musta been the warm looking rug? hehe!
Tis a year since i moved into Debs. I really should’ve gone through my phone and killed all the reminders i set! lol.
Should’ve been going to see Dragonforce today.. seems fire and flames aint needed to keep me away. A more practical problem of cash arose! Not to worry. Mind.. in a fit of madness i nearly cycled to wolves, but i quite fancy the use of my legs over the rest of the week and the bike i have only wants to work in a few gears so its not really viable. Besides.. watching them play will only remind me that i have tiny hands which could never keep up.. lol "you have womans hands m’lord…. i’ll wager" etc etc.
Su seems to be doing ok… give or take a car dieing! Having seen how she traversed the A500 a suspect it was a higher power interviening.
Looking forward to new year. New beginnings again. I said to Les about new year, at least its a corner which you can see coming.
My new years resolution…  probably 640×480  curiously.. my face was a picture typing that lol.
Oh dear.. and on that note…

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