Ho ho Humbug!

Have a quick chance to post, tell everyone i am still alive, and kicking!

Been a wierd few weeks. Some things come together, some burst, and some which have been obvious but ignored for a long time have finally been dealt with.

Glenda and her chap are contemplating buying a house, so it not being serious must be no longer the case. If they end up marrying, i reckon best thing i could do for Jack is suggest they adopt him. Seems the logical thing to do. I always wanted to be a dad, not just a father, and 15,000 miles away kinda negates that.

My situation.. crazy. Wolves housing, now that sister has moved, and i am no longer "at hers", have said that i need to renew my claim, as this has rendered by old one void! The whole point of claiming at wolves was because of the situation i was going to be in, so they were made aware of that eventuality, and now they say i need to reclaim from a new address, but as i told them when i claimed.. the whole point of this was i wouldnt HAVE an address!! Growls!! Stupid bureaucracy! I have a few special people as my support system, Ju, Les, Esther, John et al, and between msn, texts, the odd beer, and Scrubs episodes, my fettle is still fine!

As i say…personally, im fine. As in.. in my head. I occassionally get angry at the way i seem to be bounced from place to place, but then i sit n think about how it could be worse, a new year is coming.. and by gods it couldnt throw anything more at me than this one has!

Just found Neal Asher’s Polity Agent in welly library.. so that should keep me busy for a few nights. I was due to do a couple of nights bar work, but thats been blown out by the agency! Nice! Am still unsure as yet whats happening over New Year, some plans are floating, but at the moment im gonna have to fight to get them off the ground!

Things in the Gifford in wolves are sorted! Chuckles.. the jolly ex Deb decided i was banned, cos she didnt want to see me in there, so me being me went n spoke with the owner, and with the door staff, who were not best impressed that she’d tried to pull a fast one! More new friends came about from it. I guess the timing of me having been in there was about when our wee one would have been due, so maybe she was just reacting to that. Or.. maybe, just maybe.. shes an asshole lol Who can say? All i care about is that i can get into the only place i feel like i belong in, and have a laugh, enjoy the music, and enjoy the shared experience!

The episode with mother and her imaginary happenings seems to be dealt with. Chuckles.. i do like it when someone tries, and fails miserably, to cause me grief. The people that matter know it was bollocks, and the people that don’t will no doubt continue to believe whatever the hell they like.

So… possibly the last entry for this year… anyone wanting me would be best emailing me at aliwiseman@googlemail.com or aliwiseman@hotmail.com .

And the future… hmm… Dare to Believe… I have high hopes for 2007! Everything comes to those who wait. I’ve waited a while. And im not ready to be enveloped by darkness just yet!

Oh.. and a footnote… I think i owe James some thanks… lol… been with me a while one way and another… long may it continue.


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