Been A While

The laptop i was using has died.. credit on my phone is sparce… and more annoyingly the windows live update for mobile browsing has killed my access to the mobile portal where i use msn and hotmail, so i cant access my mails, or add to here via an email or an edit space function. I manage to get msn running on an msn emulator.. which regularly crashes meaning i miss stuff, which in turn means i often dont reply to posts i’ve never actually recieved!
World here is madness. Spent days running around trying to get housing and work sorted, only to be told (as i knew i would but no one hears me) that im over 25 and pretty much bottom of any priority, so can live on the streets! If i were unfit, a criminal (CriminAli insane maybe? lol) then i would get help! If i had debts… i’d get help.. lol… but no! Madness! lol grrr! Next stop is wolves again me thinks.. and go anoy the housing people there!
And wither then.. i cannot say. I dont know when i’l next be able to update here, and msn.. well i should have phone credit a week friday.. will i have a place to charge phone? lol.. we’ll see.
I suppose its never dull.

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