Wierd World

Well… I’d love to know whats cooking in this place i live in! I dont know if its my own private world thats cabaged or not.. * hums therapy.. the world is fucked, and so am I.. maybe its the other way round I cant seem to decide*
Ok… right… 3 people have managed to make my world kinda odd over the last couple of  weeks. Well… i say odd, they’ve .. affected it. Firstly, theres Simone…the lass in Reading who appears to be very ill, or so she says, but wont tell me whats up, and is answering niether emails or calls. The money, although an issue, isnt the major thing obviously if shes ill, but why not at least let me know whats going on. Shes vanished, after having said she’d been in hospital, and refusing to tell me more due to distraughtness, and has vanished again. At the very least im her friend, and have gone spare wondering what the hells going on.
Secondly a new friend wandered into my world, with a connection which was very much a kinda BANG!! effect… and then seems just as quickly to have vanished without a trace, with no word of why or how. Tis odd, in many ways, and almost resembles what Simone has done, and im sat here scratching my head thinking WTF!! MInd.. having left Simones the way i did I can understand her maybe being a lil off… whereas… ah, what do I know.. lol Maybe its something in the water. Tis funny, with the engagement ring gone.. i feel that i can now properly pursue something with someone, with no wieght around my neck. The timing of selling it coincides with so many things. Our baby was due any time about now! We’d said an october wedding. Thats just issues involving her. My worlds about to change again when Su leaves… I guess im preparing to go into whats coming next, and to do that i need my strength, and dont need the extra crap i was carrying round. Im free to go anywhere. Not tied by anything, or anyone. Certainly not to Telford. And yet the people who i might have considered a full scale move away to have them as a part of my world… have either initially been walked away from by me, or done vanishing acts!
And so we come to the 3rd person. A constant for me throughout the last 10 years. An ear when needed, and a sense of humour which could drag anyone kicking and screaming up out of the pit, n back into the land of the living. Now suddenly her world is upside down, and the friendship have forged is becoming a source of strength for her. Infact, our friendship itself has evolved. We were always close, but now, at this moment, i described us as being like a triangle, where the bottom left point is her standing place, the bottom right is mine… and the top, is where we meet, and lean on each other, couter balancing. Geometrically speaking.. a triangle is the strongest shape, so assuming we both keep our feet on the ground… we should be ok! Its nice to be available. She was there when i was at uni, there when i worked in the grand in brighton, there when i went to oz, there when Jack was born, and there again when i really needed an ear, the second time i was in oz and it all went tits up! I’ve been in some right pickles when we’ve talked, but no matter what, she’s rasied a smile and always seen positives ahead. I hope now i can do the same. She deserves better than whats happened. And she will have it. I’d bet a velvet glove on it!
A better note.. trainers… whoo hoo! lol. With a lello bar!! lol I hope they are all i expected. They’re the same as Wayne n me had years ago… but i not sure about the colour.. mind theres a second pair im quite interested in too… and they too have… a lello bar lol!!  I may even get a pic up of em.. lmao.
OK its stupid oclock n just come of the phone from Sim. Seems no one knows what was up… hospitalised twice, had a reation to something and it sounds like a neuro toxin effect not dissimilar to snake bite which has hammered her. I was just glad to hear shes still with us. Now all i need is missing person number to to come forward and everything will finish happily ever after, for at least an hour lol

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