And in the darkness bind them

Hnmm. Wierd few days indeed. I feel kinda zonked! lol, Still, am alive. Staying at Su’s kill me cos of the heating. Takes 2 days for my eyes to work again.

So.. I’ve done it, sold Debs, or rather, my, engagement ring. The big old albatross around the neck has gone. It needed to be done. And i needed the money! Didnt realise it was 18crt til the guy valued it lol. He said it’d still sell at the same price i gave for it many moons ago, mind that was after i was a little ummm imaginative as to its original value.

Simone appears to have completely cut me out. and i have no idea whats up with her. I’m obviously not wanted and without an explanation it kinda sucks but hey.. im used to not being important. She’s not read my emails and is refusing my calls. Only means one thing, and until she decides to talk to me to alter these conclusions…

So.. time marches on. No work and no housing still. I see quicksand. Things still need to change. But currently.. not much I can do. Again im in a position where its beyond my control. Not impressed with the world at the moment. Between what might have been, and what could be if things were different, is now. And now sucks. I feel like i want to grip something and shake it. Instead… i go to my sisters to help her realise her dream, and scratch my head and wonder whats gonna happen to me. *hums… Disturbed.. Darkness

Im *puddleducked!

Chance’d be a fine thing!


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