I Love You verses I Want You

And.. in the Blue Corner… it’s signature move being a massive emotional body blow…. it’s.. I Love You!! I Love You’s history is a little questionable, as it specialty is often overused early on, leading to predictability and therefore ineffectiveness. Also tends to tire, and has been prone to disappearing acts.

And.. introducing the challenger.. Giving away an infinite amount of weight, and not sounding half so scary… I Want You! I Want You’s best asset is its underestimation, i..e it doesn’t seem to carry much of a threat, allowing guards to come down!

It looks like a no contest really doesn’t it! Everyone reacts to the first hearing of “I love you” from someone special. I want you, is often associated with sexual attraction, and this renders some responses accordingly. But… I say lets look at this again.

Love, is supposed to be an emotional thing, a reaction to feelings, often portrayed as something which a person cant help. To want, is to consciously choose something, to desire, to long for. Personally I think this is much more important than something which is possibly not a conscious decision.

I think Love is an odd word. I know to many, it’s what it’s all about. Loving someone and being loved in return etc. I wonder sometimes if too much weight is put upon the word. Tis just a word. If asked to define it, i’d be curious as to if they could. But if someone says “I want you”.. well that’s kinda self explanatory. Does saying “I love you” incorporate “I want you”? I don’t know. In truth, i don’t think it does. Sometimes yes… but not all the time. I love you means different things to different people. I want you, is more specific!

Someone recently told me they loved me. I’m still not sure what it meant. To me, i guess, it means i want you, i think about you lots, and when i do i smile (For me though, i prefer to say these things individually) It means a daft IM or text message or email, or a 2 min call just to touch base. But i’d do that if i wanted someone, as an ongoing demonstration. But then, i’m insecure. I need to be reminded of how someone feels. Sometimes i think “I love you” is used as a substitute for all of these. I think that’s a shame. Without the word Love as a cop out… people would articulate more, exactly what it is which makes those butterflies appear in your stomach.. and in fact, they’d tell people the butterflies are still there at all!!

Which… is nice!

And the above contest! technical knockout to I Want You…. I Love You ended up on the ropes, and at the end of the day, I Want You.. simply wanted it more!


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