Well the more observant of you will have noticed that the Deb n Me album has been removed. I think the time has come to sell the engagement ring. Mind… necessity is also a reasonable factor in this. I wont get much for it. Nothing new there then! Oops! That was a little bitter.
Someone infiltrated my msn yesterday. Not impressed. I have no way to know who was spoken to, but have changed my password accordingly. Theres a very select few who could know it, but i’d used a shared pc a few hours earlier and am wondering if I cocked up and didnt clear out my sign-in info! I cant imagine i would forget… but who-ever it was wasnt using a picture of me for an icony thingy dohicky (non specific syntactic variables are the oozits wotsits!) so it would seem logical to assume that, as every pc i use normally has a pic of me on… it must’ve been the shared one!
So.. am at Su’s, helping fill a skip with stuff… so cant stop… and am on Web messenger while she’s logged in on msn… so if you speak and i dont answer… its cos i aint heard you! But it is me.. lol… and if you doubt it… ask my AARDVARK!!

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