Papa Roach

Well, that was exactly what i needed. The energy in that place last
night was incredible! The music, spot on, the sound, pretty much just
right! I came out feeling vibrant where too often i’ve come out from
concerts thinking… i should’ve watched the footy instead!

the songs which were wanted to be played, were played. The whole place
bounced, literally, and the cultural experience of several hundred
video phones egregious waving to and fro (albeit unintentionAli) for
the (and i use this word tenuously) slowie, rather than lighters, was
mor than a little amusing!

The singer looked as if he truely
enjoyed himself… big grin from start to finish, and it spilled over.
"Scars" was exceptional, as were "Last Resort", "To Be Loved", "Angels
and Insects", and "Getting away with Murder"! In fact, aside from the
Deep Purple concert, which was a personal ambition and falls into a
different catagory altogether, i ould say its the best i’ve been to.

felt infused! Its the same feeling I get in the Gif on a good night.
The energy from the music, the shared experience. Sometimes I just
tingle from it. The stomach muscles (yes i have some, they’re just not
so conspicuous as they used to be!) tighten. I remember how it used to
be in the Cat. Manys a time it would hit me the same way. That used to
be my weekly battery charge. These days I’ve altered my power source I
guess, Mp3’s and self motivation through the week (not dis-similar to a
dynamo), but by god it felt good to have and outside boost!!

might actually require me to use that extra energy though. With Su’s
imminent departure, and the Reading flat/accom hunt not actually
happening, (and my over use of the word acually… grrrr…), i need to
get my arse covered for when she’s gone. Her leaving is ideal for my
housing application. The same circumstances I was going to use for
Reading are valid anywhere, the destination isnt an imperative, that
destination was merely an attractive option due to other factors.
What’s crazy is, ideally, not working must make me a more viable
proposition for accom  than if i was, as rent is then guaranteed! So..
the order of the day is, take a wander here, there, and everywhere, try
and portray myself as not too egregious, and see what comes

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