A Wiseman once said…

I think im supposed to be hurt today. I think i’m supposed to wonder
about what might have been. Instead, again, I dont do whats expected.
Im actually too busy thinking, well Ali, you dont change. You go into
things and say what you’d like to come from them, you offer what you
have in order to help facilitate this, and then, if you feel that
things are not as they should be, something isnt right, for one reason
or another, and compromise through mutual respect is not an option, you
leave, no matter what the cost to what you’d hoped for is. Sometimes
I’m guilty of biting my nose to spite my face (its been said.. lol).
Sometimes I’m guilty of not biting my tongue ( i blame my ummm..
unusual tongue rather than my interpersonal skills lol), resulting in
suff being thrown in my face. But always, im guilty of doing what I
think is right in a given situation, so that, in the morning, i can
look into that face and hold my own eye.

I wrote this at 3am last night. Sat at a bus stop. There was no balcony involved althought the typeface suggests it.


There will come a time,
When all who I’ve cared for,
Will see I did so willingly.
When what I’ve offered,
Will be seen to have been given freely.
When who i am,
Will be realised without the shadow of cynicism.
And when all who I’ve left behind
Because i was not viewed through unblinkered eyes,
Will know that what was once within their reach,
Is still beautiful, but now, so far away.
There will come a time,
When my time will come.
And I will shine.
As i’ve always done,
For those who’d only care to look a little deeper.

A. Wiseman

Errr hmmm hang on… thats verdana, not veranda. Damn my dylexia


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