If you want my address its no.1 at the end of the bar

Sat watching the football. Up the Arse… nal! Hmmm! hehe! Cant really consentrate. Other things on my mind. Couple of texts from Glenda.. suitably admonishing me for my last blog! lol! No one will be allowed to be called dad cept me! That’s pretty straight! Now awaiting confirmation for my weekend and looking forward to it.

My music wont play on Les’s pc!! Or her dvd player. But i have more stuff again on mobile. The addition of Sugar Mice coincided with Glenda’s new chap info, so that did me no good. Your Daddy took a rain check.. hmmm!

I love my music. Seems i may be seeing Papa Roach in a couple of weeks.. Last Resort used to be a song which I loved! I think they’ll be better than Dragonforce..but we’ll see. The musical skills of DF i’d say are far superior, but that doesnt always tell the story!

YAY!! UP THE ARSE!! 1-0 and counting!! Heres hoping theres more! Bang um in.. thats what i say! lol And the footballs good too! lmafo… *hides*


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