Wolverhampton wanderer?

Well… in the quest for my music and a monitor, i’ve wound up in Wolves so can jump on a pc here and update. Had a curious night in the Gif… Mind its always eventful at the best of times. Deb wasnt working but came in on the beer late on, making a point of being over exhuberant. It was just silly.

Then this morning i have a text from oz… Glenda has got together with an old boyfriend and he’s moved in. I dont quite know what im supposed to think about that. I guess miffed that another person will be doing what Jacks dad should be doing with him. Me n Glenda have never been  an issue.. before the "issue" as it were, (please god remind me to del this before J’s old enough to read and understand what he’s just been called! lol), we were just good mates and were never planning a long term "us". It just smarts a little that i’m missing out. I guess a father figure is good for J. I always wanted to be a dad, rather than a father though.

Sat n chatted with Ju about Reading. I dont know where thats going, and the obsticals are anoying, but… its doable. I guess its how much its wanted! My own insecurities play havoc (and let cry the dogs of…. No no no!!) with my mind. Moneys too tight (to mention??) and my means of communication suffer accordingly! I know what I’d like to happen. I believe thats recipricated. So i guess its an exercise in instinct and trust.

It was good being in the Gif again.My hand aches from the hand shakes, and its funny bumping into people for the first time with my short hair, watching them scratch their heads (its a good trick… ask Zaphod) and then realising its that bloke from the end of the bar! lol. I like being a part of something. Feel like i should be warbling the lyrics to Somewhere i Belong! Cant help but wonder if theres a decent rock scene in Reading.. lol… With my sis soon gone from Telford.. whats to stop me opening new avenues.

Its my song again… Every new begining comes from some other beginings end. Telford hasnt really had a begining. Its just been a state of transition. I wonder whats next?


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