Who am I?

Good Question!!

I’m the guy sat here at my sis’s at 1.50am watching the Truth about Solomons Temple, and thinking about the fact that it’s nearly 10am Sunday in Brisbane, and its fathers day.

Im the guy who’s pretty decent looking, but single, and annoyed that the lack of compatibility around here doesnt stem from me, or a prospective lass, but from peoples past’s, which are used as negatives instead of positives.

Im the guy with such a love and passion for his music, that i will ring someone if certain songs comes on, simply for the way it makes me feel, and my urge to share it.

Im the guy who’ll leave himself short to travel to help/visit a friend, and then get shat on, yet still be ready to do it again, cos this time, they may genuinely need someone.

Im the guy who’s going to sweden next week in a quest to help my only close family move away from me, so that they can have a new start, and a better life.

Im the guy who will bite his nose to spite his face… or so it seems sometimes… to those who dont understand my reasoning.

Im the guy who could have taken a job in a pub where racism abounds, to give me a roof and a career boost, yet instead reside on a friends floor, due to my principals and my belief that money isnt what makes everything right.

Im the guy whos writing this, hoping that this doesnt look like im bewailing my lot. Im not.

Im the guy I wake up and respect in the morning, even though i suffer sometimes from the decisions i take.

Im the guy you dont know as well as you might think… which is odd… cos this is for me… and therefore that means.. i will go on surprising myself.

Im the guy who likes surprises.

Im Alistair Wiseman

Welcome to my world.

Buckle up.. its gonna be a bumpy ride!


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