PoliticAli Correct!

Ok.. its been a while.. but by god im getting annoyed with this!!
What is it with the press, the news people etc prefixing the word Extreemist, with a specific religion?
By definition, an extreemist is completely and utterly different from the run-of-the-mill worshiper who merely suffers from some strange psychological dependancy problem in which they can find purpose and vindication, rather than be content with their own existance and persona.
It really gets my goat (and sacrifices it…!) that they (media) have to do this… and in turn instill a fear of anyone of a slightly asian appearance to all and sundry who are vulnerable to such programing!
Passengers stopped a plane from taking off here cos two guys were speaking an asian language t’other day! Thats deranged! 90% of people wouldnt know a Saudi lang from an Indian lang to a pakistani lang from a … you get the idea.. and besides… who cares what languages people are speaking… your on an international airport.. lets think… is it possible.. maybe just a little likely, that you may run into someone who’s…. a forgiener!!
A religious fruitbat is exactly that! A fruitbat! Their choice of religion is irrelevent. I wonder if anyone calls a certain Mr Shipman a Christian extreemist? I bet they dont… be it here, or in Iran/ Iraq / where-ever/whichever country you wish to pick
And.. incedentally… Al Qeada, or however your choice of spelling is… just means.. the database, and was a list of cia operatives years ago in the USA’s govs employ! Its all bollocks!! Its a creation of a state of fear.. because people in a state of fear can be controlled and manipulated!
Racism is a weapon of mass destruction…. and as such… i guess were all being exposed to a form of programming which will like as not make us elligable to be kidnapped, concealed in Iraq, and then brought forward as evidence for justification in a certain war a few months ago!!

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