Hissing Sid has a first class BA ticket!

Well, another call from Jack this morn at silly a.m. lol! Maybe that’s why he seems incomprehensible to me! Its so frustrating! He’s 4 in October, yet Kiona’s speech here at my sisters is excellent and she’s a year younger. I cant understand a word Jack says, and i’m left looking at my phone like its alien.

I hit the giff again last night, and in the afternoon. I think Deb was on the same train i was. I bobbed in at about 3 for a pint n a chat, and as i walked towards the entrance i sensed her behind me, so looked round and sure enough, no less that 10 feet away, a Deb! It must have looked a lot like we came in together. We didn’t speak. However, i did have a chat to her ex after she left. My stuff is still at hers ready to be picked up. The sardonic side of me through up the comment “I’m amazed she hasn’t got rid of it, seems shes good at that”, but the keep the peace and remain with my dignity intact side stopped me!

Anyway the eve was good.. again lots of people who i know, and yeah the pull of wolves and the city is high. Aside from my sis, i have no ties here. Who do i speak to? Who are my friends? In truth, here in welly, were i to disappear, id not be missed. I commented t’other day about not really knowing anyone to just go out with. There’s a film i’d like to see, but going alone doesn’t appeal lol! I may go anyway. Sit and snigger at Samuel J’s “I’ve had it with these mother fucking snakes on this mother fucking plane!”… puts me in mind of the 51st State moment… “So Bollocks is bad… but the Dogs Bollocks is good?” lmfao… and the subsequent…”chicken bollocks?” heh heh!

Is my humour always this crude i wonder? Thinking about it… Apocalypso (Robert Rankin) and the scene with the Penguin in Blues Brothers does suggest that maybe, just maybe, i might have a childish streak. hehe Mind, tis nice to have something to counter my QI side… Messers Fry n co are great, but sometimes a blast of the old Ben Elton knob jokes is just what the doctor ordered lol.

Ah well.. the pretence of intellect and pleasantries has just gone through the window!! Its been a while since i was truely uncouth though… there’s a Ben Elton sketch called Whirly Splat… roflmao.. i wish i still had it!


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