Deanne …… ? lol

Ah well… we lost another to the disease which is marriage. err.. i mean… congratulations Deanne!! Heheh. 12th August she tied the ball and chain.. errr.. i mean knot… and i wish her good luck! Would have quite fancied getting squiffy and seducing the bridesmaids, as i do remember her friends were a little saucy!! lol
Anyway… for me.. it seems the bank thing has actually come through… wow! Im in shock! How long before Student Loans want their pound of flesh i wonder lol! Am in Wolves again tonight i think. Hopefully not quite so merry as sunday i suffered for it last week.. hehe. Still, it was worth it. Wonder what the reaction will be tonight.
Ok… Su’s wee boy, coming up 2, has Bob the builder undies on…. So with "Can you fix it" emblazoned across an obvious area you have to hope it aint broke in the first place!!
New footy season… Up the Arse!! lol… Ah the old ones are always the best… Shut up Ju you rude woman lol
Limited pc access… but i HAVE updated this thing so that i can email blogs in via phone.. but msn isreally playing up via mobile, so it still aint playing ball.
Cant help but think i could have made an interesting speach about Diddle … lol… Combi’s, road blocks and Oceanics Insanity all spring to mind. Funny to think, half my life ago, how close her and I were. Congrats again woman!! Im sure the gang would be proud of you. I know I am.

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