A spanner in the works

Well…. yesterday went well. No really!! Yeah right!

So, a year after dad died.. what happened?

1stly moneys due to me did not arrive, so i had to head out early and kick up a stink.

2ndly i never got to get to Crewe, due mainly to the fact that it was 4pm before i got aforementined cash, so in turn i never made it to Wolves either.

And the Coup de grace… or however its spelt, when the day was finally starting to at least seem better as i was in the company of a lass who makes me smile, i’m wandering with her n 3 other girls from one pub to another, and i get lamped on the head by a lad with a spanner!!

Nice! You could tell by their attitude there would be grief as we walked through them, a group of guys aged umm 18-24ish, and they were not happy we might want some of the pavement, and presumably also a little pissed that I had 4 lasses with me n they had themselves as their company.

So, i’ve a nasty gash, and a head glued together, but i’m ok. Im more annoyed that the time i was going to spend with someone I actually wanted to spend time with was taken away from me. Theres been 2 people I’ve really wanted to spend time with, in the few weeks i’ve been in telford, but i’ve had precious little opportunity due to my own circumstances to be able to manage this.

Was funny. I was about to head home really annoyed n low when she showed up last night. I think had she not appeared, and i’d have gone home, i would have woken up far more depressed this morning than i have done. My world really is that strange that a knock on the head and a few mins with someone actually equates to a better morning mood than an eve pretty much alone and an early night.

I suppose the other good thing is, i never actually saw it coming! Otherwise i’d be mightilly miffed i even let a blow land! lol. Is it cos im a lover not a fighter? lol These days i dont get chance to be either, but i guess if i had the choice of someone coming up behind me with intent… having lived in brighton… i’d hope they’d have fighting on their mind… cos i can wlak round with a sore head, but i’d not be able to sit down with….. ahem! OucH!


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