Passing Thru

Survived Dads birthday on the 19th on my own… wanted a pint and some company but instead wound up on a sofa staring at CSI which i guess at least made my mind chug over a little.

Will be a year on the 28th since he died. Hoping to maybe get into Crewe, then pass thru Wolves, then hit Haygate friday night and use my music as an outlet! Some of you i may well see.. and any interaction will be welcomed. Of course this is dependant upon getting some money.. so i wont be holding my breath!.

I am alive… the person putting me up is hardly at home so we aint under each others feet. Im an awkward person at the best of times so a stressed me… well i’d not like to deal with me.

However.. thanks again to Ju, to Vicky, Lesley, John, and Wayne… who took time to call me from the USA to make sure i was ok. What goes around comes around. None of you will be forgotten.


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