Spent the morn packing most of my clothes into a holdall, and most of the afternoon getting severly pissed off at stuff. Hit the agency Extra to had over my mates bank details so i could work n be paid for them, for them to claim i’d never been in, let alone registered, and that i must have the wrong agency, in such condecending tones i nearly fed the guy his liver. Prat! What the hell have they done with my passport details n p60 if they dont have any record of them?? Then they had the nerve to ask for the bank details anyway. I was like… you’ve lost all my stuff, and now u want these details, my friends details, while still not knowing where my stuff is??? Get hold of me when you find my information! Utterly farcical!

Was told about a place in Welly which deals with over 25s in homeless / similar situations as myself… so went up there for a shufti t find it was shut, and not open till tuesday. Might be useful but i think it’ll be too late by then anyway. Plus i’ll have no cash to get there.

I then spend some time with a lass who’d initially said i could kip in her spare room if worst came to worse, who now appears to have decided this’ll cause too much shite between her n her bf! Bizarre!

I thought i would get out of this ok somehow. Instinct said i would. Now i aint sure. I guess we’ll see.


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