Stalks of last years Blog!

chuckling at last years blog entries for tomorrow…
Part 1
"My Bits!!!

It would appear that my bits could indeed be reconciled with me at some point. Of course, i mean the stuff i left at mothers… tapes, cds… records n books etc. Not much but still mine. Hope my little shot glasses are there which i got from various parts of oz… and my old trusty leather jacket.

I wonder if Su still has my clothes i left at hers? No doubt the scotland shirts have been worn. Least they gone to a good home lol. Cant remember what i do n dont have, here there n everywhere. Theres at least 3 pairs of DM’s floating, all my jeans will be far too small, but my tops would still fit. Maybe in a couple of weeks i might have the cash to get everything back to me. Hamish has had stuff stored at his for ages, but they are now get-able at-able.

Maybe things are starting to come together? Now if i could just get a bank account… everything could be hunky dory, and the last couple of years could be construed as character building lol. Im sure Ju would agree! :p If nothing else, we’ve both had an exercise in maintaining patience lol. I know i can be an awkward sod. God, im awkward when i live alone… let alone actually with someone 24/7. I reckon im the only person who can go into MacDonalds happy n hungry  n walk out again pissed off n angry without having even spoken to a soul, and certainly not having bought anything!

Oops.. did i say the p word… lol wonder how good the censors are on these blogs? Mind, its american owned… certain words dont have the same clout anymore. People would find me not eating tomato sauce more offensive! Eh? Whos waffling??"

Part 2

"Shower or Bath?
I hate showers… much prefer a bath… and today i stumbled across this..
Think i’ll stick to having baths… well… unless someone plys me with alcohol hehehe!"

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