Well.. interview was fine. As per usual with me, if i get to speak to the person i need to, things generally go well. Not entirely sure if the initial "Ah Alistair… we meet at last!" was how i was expecting the introductions to go, lol, but it seems all thats been said has been positive.

So, i’m behind the bar there Saturday! Should prove interesting if nothing else and might postpone the old "no place to stay" scenario. Gonna be a nice walk home from there tho at silly oclock! Might bob into the ‘Gate if i finish early enough, just for a pint.

Plodding around welly in a shirt was interesting. People doing double takes. I scrub up reasonably well, which comes as a suprise to many peeps. Just one hitch, n thats that i have bugger all in the way of clothes / shoes so i need black pants from somewhere, and could do with taking a meat tenderizer to my DM’s! I guess as im gonna be wearing trousers… i may need some underwear. lmao. Hmmm! Now thats gonna feel bloody weird!





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