MusicAli Reborn

MusicAli Reborn


I’m Alone
Alone in a room
Wondering whats next.
And where will I be.
Will I survive..
Or give in? Give up?
Cease to fight,
This opponent, so large it has no discernable begining,
Or end.
I don’t know.
I go out.
Surround myself with people,
A vain attempt at self delusion.
Doomed from the start,
Like anything based on a lie.
It fizzles out.
So I retreat.
Back from whence I came.
To my room.
My womb.
And cocoon myself in music.
Revel in it
Drown in it.
Immersed in words which flow like a stream,
Baptised by lyrics washing over my head.
I’m reborn!
The same, yet different!
Still alone,
No crystal ball.
But with a spirit which has found its wings,
And passion no loneliness can quell.
And so, I sing!
And smile as i do so.
For though I still don’t know my destination,
I know who I am.
And I’m proud of it!


By A. Wiseman 28/06/06


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