129 views and counting

Hmmm seems this is getting a fair old audience again. 129 views this week!
Ok.. for anyone curious, lifes the same as it has been for the last 12 weeks really. No cash, no girlfriend, no sign of a better job, and generally nowt thrilling to report, save that my trainers are now adidas air due to the extra ventilation! Think my DMs are gonna have to come out for a while.
I’m alright though. Read a friends blog and moaned at her for being morose. Jo and Sian complemented me on thursday, which was nice, and had a couple of pints after work last night, which let me let off a bit of steam. Gonna work Sunday afto and have thursday off, so may head across to wolves thursday night, but that would no doubt end up with me in the Giff, so perhaps best not. Much as though i hate the thought of it, i might also end up in fusion in wellygog… ah the things i do.
Well… this isnt digesting the huge plate of mince n pasta i made… perhaps i should go for a run.. burn it of as i disapear into the distance…. Pasta la vista..

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