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Seems my last entry found its way onto google clips, which in turn was noticed in Crewe. Really should mention that anyone wishing to buy the rights to the film should contact me direct. heheh!
Yeah i’m alright. I like this medium. Its an outlet. I wrote many moons ago about how when people go into chatrooms and hurl abuse, its an outlet for them, and psychologically is probably good for them, and is certainly good for those who would otherwise be the recipiant were they not able to let go via there. Reckon the same goes here. I can use this as an outlet, then re-read and consider. Take stock. etc!
Perhaps the wrong choice of songs… Somewhere i belong… bellows at me from the computers speakers. I wrote about that too once. Not the computer speakers, you dilbert…. but where i belong. I think the first time I ever really fitted (dont be filthy!) or felt completely at ease, was the first night i went in the cat. I was with a very plastered Wayne, who will probably only remember snippets of the eve.. including a good snooze on a stool, i remember the first thing i heard was ACDC’s Highway to hell, followed swiftly by Rainbow’s Stargazer. The other time where i felt completely accepted, rather than belonged i suppose… was over in Oz at Glenda’s. Hence the poem "The house that built Jack".
Was asked t’other day, if money was no object, where woud I be… and i didnt really have an answer. If money was no object i could visit Jack n Glenda as n when i wanted, so that would negate the need to be living there as a way of maintaining contact. Sometimes it appears for me its actually easier having no money, as then i dont have the choice!! lol.
So where would i be? I’ve considered it, and still have no answer. I’m not "in love" with anyone, so wanting to be near them is not an influence. I dont particularly miss anyone as an individual, i’ve spent too long with myself as my best friend now for that too. But then.. i dont know if i would be the same person if money was no object. So therefore i cant really answer the question.
Playing now is Nine Inch Nails acoustic version of J Cash’s Hurt. Hmmmm!
And so, away to work…

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