Catch Up

Well, been an odd few days but tis all done and dusted now! lol. Lets begin!
Sunday last week, was talking with Vicky (Countess Bartelli lmao) about how she was due to move on Sat, and how person with the van let her down, so she needed a van, and a plan, for sat. Now, i was unaware that sat was the first england game, so this may have been why ppl were stalling, but Su said that they’d sort a driver at least. In the eve many texts were exchanged but since then, i’ve heard nothing, so i dont even know if she’s moved. Might have been nice to have at least let me know what was happening! Especially as several other people wee on standby to shift stuff if needs be!
Sian went on a wobble on the Monday after n decided to try n have a go at me.. no idea why, and still have none now. This continued on our Friday shift, but disappeared Saturday for reasons explained later! Then, enter the Bottle Bearing Bottress, (be glad i never put buxom bossomed!!) who bought sausage n chips n beans in the Botfield (bot feeled?) and chuckled heartilly at the convo of people on the table behind us, who were comparing shapes and sizes of orafices normally below table level!
Tuesday had a text from a lass who’d been in the pub monday, who’d aquired my number by fair means or foul. However, being broke, and more than a little sceptical of Sians involvement, nothing came of it. Phil and I set about the bot bottles and got reasonably merry.
Wednesday n Thursday were boring i think.. lol Friday was just a grim shift which took forever!!
Saturday was mor like it… proper bar room brawl, fists a flying, splat sock pow and biff all batman-esk resounded around the Lions usually placid bar! With no landlord or landlady, and Pete the umm.. chef?? asleep upstairs there was me, Sian, and the chap who’d just come off shift to sort it! Mmmm! Me being me.. straight into the middle of it, at least trying to calm things down. In fairness no-one was seriously hurt inside, few people left licking their wounds and abut 30 in all told BYEEEE! Gotta love beer n football!
Sunday Su attempted to turn me into a potato, if the american indian idea that you take on the powers and qualities of that which you eat are to be believed!!
And Monday… work was slow… Train was cancelled, so Phil came and got me from welly n we hit weatherspoons n then the cinema n watched Omen, which is oddly as good as the original! Mind, i also got a call from the Pheasant asking me to do wednesdays day shift so thats good cos i’ll have some cash to maybe buy trainers, as these seem to have died a death… and a touch too quickly i might add!
And today.. football and nto much else me thinks!! Thursday could be interesting, as im on alone straight after the England game!! mmm! So if you hear nothing… fear the worst! lol

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