The Flightless Assassin

I wrote this 8th march 2005 for a contest which stipulated :
A poem about ninjas. Adding bananas increases your chance of winning.
However bananas by themselves won’t do, so the ninjas are required.
And throwing in some chocolate would be just awesome.
So, me being me… had some fun!
The Flightless Assassin
Stealth Personified.
It moves, though you see nothing.
Trained in the art of assassination,
Concealment, silent death.
The penguin draws near.
Feathered and twisted, this malignant vindictive beast,
Stalks its prey,
An unsuspecting fish, soon to meet its doom.
Single-minded in its quest, it advances,
Senses honed from endless katas
Pengi Nimpo Jutsu.
Antarctic style.
And so, it edges closer.
Perfectly at home in these sunnier climes,
A discarded banana skin for cover.
Just another piece of flotsam on the beach,
To an eye not versed in camouflage.
Like that of a fish.
Until its too late.
One slash of that katana like bill
The deed done, the evidence eaten,
All traces gone,
Save one empty banana skin,
And one less fish in the sea.


Oh… did i mention it won? lol ahem! The compo was run HERE


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