Sunny Telford

Back ‘ere! Oh joy! Oh blyss. Had a beer and a meal with Bot in Wolves! Phil is currently out with the lass so am pretty much alone in the house.
Pmpl.. "your perfect flesh.. impervious to anything fungle" what a line! Crash Test Dummies!
Isnt really much to say. Bored. Broke (that goes without saying). Tired for no reason.
Shell’s off galavanting in cornwall. Sent her the words to Stalks of last years fruit cos she gettin a bit silly again.
Heard nothing from Jo, nor Sian, so dont know if they’ve decided to visit a’n’e again yet.
Couldnt help countess bartelli get tickets to fallout boy.
Umm Thats about it.
Oh… and they’ve altered the code fo my font colour!! lmao!!

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