Well took a few days out for some me time.. so i thought, headed out of telford and hoped for some R n R. But, after about 5 hours kip outta 72 i’m heading home to catch up on sleep before i go a step further down the loony road! Totally shattered and broke, not budgeted for being home by Tuesday so Wed n Thursday so dinner gonna prove interesting! lol As in fact will getting to work! But hey ho… at least i know i can walk it if needs be! Just need to charge the ole mp3 dohicky!
Something has to give sooner rather than later. I’m getting frustrated again. No money, no female companion of the affectionate kind, and no hours at work to make me tired so i can kip through being bored. The extra hours are priority. Need to up my income so i can be more independant from the house. Need my own pc but the guy who was giving me one… a pc i mean… seems to have forgotten about it. Plus extra hours makes a lass not viable.. lol which in turn saves money!
All the beer’s gone!!! 80 cans we had about 2 weeks back! I hardly touched it lol. Phil n Richard musta had a few good nights! Need a good night out but on what i earn… be lucky! I’d like to hit the Gifford in Wolves again on a fri or sat, but still dont know how i’d deal with Deb, and the urge to vomit. Still no phone guarentee forthcoming. How petty is that?!
Glenda’s Sapphire’s gone… lol awwww. She’s sent a cracking set of Jack pics over but i need software to edit em n splice em together.. which i dont as yet have. May have to email them out to people. See if they can sort em.
Ok.. eyes hurting lots now! Laters!

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