Nappy Time

Congrats to Wayne n Elain for the birth of Lily-May! Good Arrows Matey!!
Out for a drink with Sian after my shift today! Hope she’s ok! Possibly give Jo her cd today too! That should prove entertaining, especially the last track! heheh. In for a shock, me thinks.
Found another song… Tori Amos – Lovesong (cover version of The Cure’s song so i’m told). Impressed! Bit different to SOAD but hey, variety is the spice of life.
Su’s wee one out of hospital and back to usual self! Oddest, and shortest, case of gasterentoritus i’ve ever heard of! Gotta love Doc’s!
Nice to see uk summer still the same as ever. Wet n Windy! Oh.. and beware of random friend adds on MySpace.. grrrr trojan dl’rs on their homepage… mutter mutter grumble, took almost 30 seconds to get rid!! Silly bugger. Should really report it but cannay be bothered.
This being single milarkey is a bit weird. Especially when Phil’s doing his ducks arse in un-oiled water in the next room… squeek oooh.. squeek ahhh! Need the love of a good woman, or the loving of a bad one!! Glenda made me chuckle… sending pics of sapphire rings to me, cos she’s had Jack, n boy means i have to buy her a sapphire.. at least.. thats what she tells me! heheh.
Eyes welded together.. guess who forgot to open the window. Like pissholes in the snow seems the best description. Central heating should be banned! Have to spent the next few hours squinting at the world.
So.. to shave or not to shave… ah the agony of choice! In the style of batman, i’ll leave you with that cliffhanger…
Whats good looking and doesnt punctuate

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