Well, im much disappointed. The Radiohead gig was pretty grim if you didnt know the songs. The vocals were completely incomprehensable. This is a band who were voted best in the world 3 years running, and yet they cant set up a mic properly. It was the same on the glast gig which was splattered over the tv. I felt sorry for Ju, having gone out of her way to sort this and it turned into such a dissapointment. I think there were 4 songs i knew, maybe only 3.
I suppose i can say i’ve seen them, but much like the Mission gig, i know damn fine were i to have paid for it i would have been extreemly angry. I almost sound old now, but it wasnt that it was too loud, etc.. there was just no clarity to the vocals, so unless you knew the songs, it was basically an instumental concert with some curious gutteral noises from the guy at the front.
Had a couple of pints in the jolly gif! No Deb, which was good i guess. Suppose one day i will have to face her. Now i’m readying myself for the footy! Arsenal must win… it is their destiny lol! Use the force etc etc!
Ok im rambling! Oh, and whoevers using my yahoo station n rating pap music… bloody stop it lol! Arrggg! its playing scritty politti!!

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