Whoooo hooooo! Guess who’s going to Radiohead tonight! If they play Fake Plastic Trees i’ll be in tears probably! lol. Am made up. Until this morning i was told there was no guest list… and then got a call from Ju saying "We shall go to the ball!". They wont play Creep, cos they hate it, but it seems they are using it as a forum to promote the new album, although im told they did old ones too yestesterday!
Wish i’d not had as many Goblins as i did yesterday! Would have had enough money to have maybe got a tee shirt! Such is life! Wonder what they’ll play. An idea… technorati search for radiohead.. gotta be someone on there whos listed it.
Yup… looks like mostly new stuff… mind i can live with that. 25 songs on the set it says! Cor chief!!

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