Its too early to Blog!

Its been an eventful few days. Met a few people, had a few drinks, and generally enjoyed myself, albeit on a "tighter than a knats chuff" budget! I was short on cash and somewhat fortuitously aquired an extra shift on Sunday which landed at exactly the time i needed it.
Couple of points of interest, Iain got in touch for the first time since Dads death, which was odd. And Deb decided to give me grief via a few texts, which was odder, but not odderer cos that’d be silly! Curiously she said she would be no-longer contacting me again, which exacted the reply… You seem to make a habit of terminating things you instigate.
Seems some old chap in the pub thinks i’m arrogant because of a couple of things which he’s asked me, and voiced his thoughts to Sian! Bad move lol! Funny really, as i’ve been explaining to him the meaning of a couple of words which he’s heard me use in conversation, which he point blank disagrees with. What amuses me more is that i am indeed correct with my definitions, and he is wrong, but still insists he’s right! I’ve considered printing the definitions out, along with the definition of arrogant, and then asking him which of the two of us best fits the word arrogant in light of what the dictionary says, but im not one to be nasty lol! Ok, well maybe just a smidgin… heheheh!
Good shift with Karina! Think she started the night a little intimidated, and ended it plodding to the Haygate with me! Cant be bad! Shes sound but still hasn’t done my kiwi/boomerang/st andrews pic!
Reading Neil Asher’s Brass Man! Excellent again!! Along with Skinner and Gridlinked this is a classic! Any Sci Fi fans with a taste for gritty books.. go grab! Cowl is not a good example of his work, though is ok in its own right, but not really one i’d recommend!
Hmm… someones added me on Msn who i dont know! Time to investigate…
Whats good looking and incapable of completing a coherent sen…

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