Lazy day

Good night last light… lol. Hmmm! A day in today i think. Tired and have Brassman to read… and as yet no other offers have been proffered. Besides im a little broke. Do me good to stay in i guess, tho on my own its not exactly much fun. Need to get this book read though, as i doubt its been reviewed much on Amazon, and besides, like the other Neil Asher books… its bloody good! lol
No pc arrived as yet for me. Wish i had a double bed.. singles n me dont get on! lol Mind you.. i do seem to manage to sleep in a single where as initially i didnt.. where as if i get in a double, sleep doesnt seem to happen!
Work Thursday Friday Satday night! Would have been nice to go out on the thursday as im told there is a rock night round the corner from me. But.. hey ho.. least its money coming in.
Stomachs growling.. food time me thinks

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