Ok so now i re-enter the relm of skint! Down to the 4 shifts at work means brassicamungo for a while, although in fairness it’ll give me chance to have a good nose about for a 6-2 shift somewhere. The pub itself is fun, people there have got past the "someone new behind the bar" issues and are actually spending time talking to me rather than at me. Seems intimidation tactics have failed. Think the time at Crewe’s North Ward Club readied me for anything they could throw at me!
Have been asked to review a book called Samson Blinded by some Isreali politicion but they faffing so much in sending me a copy that they can go take a running jump! Currently on the look out for the two Neil Asher books which i haven’t read yet!
A chap from the pub has said i can have his old pc… so hopefully i will be back on the net in the next few days. Be usefull as it was majorly annoying that i lost pc access just as Glenda had begun sending videos of Jack to me. Seems he wanted to talk to Daddy on the phone t’other day… scarey.. difficult to talk to a child when you dont know what to say. I remember Xmas day and just being open mouthed that i had heard Merry Christmas Daddy on the phone!! Think that’ll stick with me to the end of my days.
Will kinda miss heading to the Haygate tonight. Nice to unwind there. Suppose an earlier night will do me no harm but as i dont need to be at work Sat til 7pm i’m gonna be at a loose end all day! Such is life. If the pc heads this way i can hammer solitaire and get some of my stuff outta my phone and onto the pc!

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