Crewe n Wolves

Went and saw Dads grave in Crewe. Was wierd. Finally a headstone up…
but on the grave was a wreath… which had a card saying "Did you think
i’d forget your birthday, Because your not with us now…." etc.. very
bizarre.. considering he died 9 days after his birthday, and hasnt had
one since. Someone appears to be very messed up! I kinda went there and
said a few words about Deb and the baby, almost felt like i was saying
keep an eye out for your grandchild where-ever you are. How soft am I?

Also went in
the Gifford in Wolves and was fortunate enough not to run into Deb!
Still dont know what my reaction will be like! Had a decent chat to Ju
and watched footy in the Shed, which was nice lol.

Back to work
tomorrow. Phone still dead so still not got most of my mates numbers
from Wolves or Crewe. How annoying is that! No music either as the
phone was the mp3 player…. grrrr! Going nuts! lol

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