New beginning start with something’s end

Well.. she went ahead and did it. I suppose now i should move on, but revenge is
something i feel is almost obligatory. Certainly something is called
for, but what, i just don’t know. How someone can ask for, and create a
child with someone, and then just take it away.. words fail me. Spent
the night getting bladdered in the pub i work in with what appears to
be my new circle of friends. Came out at 4am and then spent night on a
friends sofa. Then went straight to another lass and she did me a meal!
From nowhere a small group of people have seen fit to make sure that i
survive and don’t go and do something silly.

Wayne Shell n Bot all been in touch too.. not to mention someone who corrects my spelling of spicey.. err i mean spicy!! Hehe.

Works ok…
lots of hours over school hols. Chest infection still here but i no
longer feel like death so i suppose I’m coming through the worst.

Hmm.. wanted to go use a screw driver so gonna have to cut this short. Hope it aint left handed lol!

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