Works ok if a
little boring. Tomoz Deb has her final exam to establish babys age, her
status etc. As ever i am not included and therefore am unable to have
input, which in turn means to the world and his wife that i dont give a
damn. If there was a way that i could stop this from happening, i
would. I still cannot handle the transition from wanting us as a
family, a couple and such like, to wanting to finish us, kill our
unborn child, and be able to justify it all while completely cutting me
out.Suspect i never will understand, and thats something im having real
problems dealing with.Seems a crazy situation.

32 on
saturday, and will be working it. Doubt i get in the Gifford for it,
which is a shame, but if Deb terminates 23/24/25 tis probably best. Not
gonna exactly be in mood to celibrate. Such is life. I guess Life goes
on, for those who have the choice in the matter, but this will not go
away. It will not be forgotten. This is a wrong which is far from just
dismissable. What the consequences will be, i do not know. But, 10
years from now, I will still feel as strongly as i do now, and those
responsible will still in my eyes be accountable.


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