And the life plan continues. I walk into a place and within 15 mins they’ve offered me a job, without me even asking them. So now i have an address, a job, still struggling on the bank account thing but… that’ll come. Were Deb to have been true to her promises we could now happilly live together, and watch our child grow while we both worked and lived legally in the family home. Instead i’m going it alone, with her threatening to not even give me the date of termination. Angry? You betcha!


In fairness its nice to have gone out and done what we said was going to happen… with or without her. Supposed i could turn around and look smug if it all works out for me, but thats no real consolation. I owe my sis, and a mate John for backing me up, and the bot’s chipped in with support too.. which is nice.


I need clothes.. more specifically socks!! lol. Deb appears to have eaten them, as certainly the fluff from my belly button doesnt constitute that many missing pairs! Spooky!


Jacks in his own single bed… lol Glenda has a bed to herself! Maybe he’ll fet a good nights sleep now.. what with the snoring etc lol!! *hides*


Nikita has a trombone.. echos of super trooper will soon resound around telford lol… or whatever that annoying song was martin used to play… lemme at it… lol.


Ok.. work calls… so til next time. Live long and prosper… assuming you get given that option!


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