Jolly Jolly

Away for the commng weekend. Heading into Crewe to have some time away from wolves. Money slowly vanishing. Stuff with Deb sorted now so it looks like tis onwards and upwards there. Since buying the engagement ring its seemed so wierd. Been asked out several times and yet i felt proud to say i’m with her. Not used to that. Mind, nice to see the self esteem go up. lol.
Shirt n tie jobbie tuesday… possibility of a pub comming up. Hate formal stuff but hey, i can carry off a tie reasonably well.
Insecure about Debs ex…. but whats new. See the self distruct thing going on. I see it.. so i can deal.
Oddly happy still! How odd. Every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end. Sometimes its annoying that beginnings have an end, but sometimes… well sometimes you just have to let it take you. Carpe diem.

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