New Year. New Beginnings

Well… the new year started well.. Balvienie at 12! Didnt get out of the Giff til gone 6am!! Crazy!
It appears i’ve met someone. Lifes a touch odd at the moment. I’m wandering around in what appears to be a haze. On the one hand there are so many unfinished things which need sorted, and yet on the other there is a future which is building. Went to Crewe… bought a ring… scary. Impulsive and me dont usually see eye to eye… i’m more of the kind of person who sits n calculates. I consider, and unless it feels ok to do so, i dont let go. But i did. Funny. Been told i’ve met my match! That holds so many connotations, but almost all seem applicable! I’m on the edge of something which may well alter the whole course of my life, and the excitement feels good.
Time is limited here, so for now i must leave it there. Suffice to say i still cant spell… but i’m more than ok, but there are still things to be sorted. Stuff both in Crewe, and wolves. But… it will sort.

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